Welcome to Multiplanner!
To get your own room ID, you need to be a donator, then contact me via email or discord
If a friend of yours has a room, just ask for the room ID and enter it below

If you run into any issues / problems or have suggestions
come join us on Stardew Valley discord @hpeinar

There is a info panel below the planner so make sure to read it once connected

Please note that everyone can do everything so choose wisely who you plan with!

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You are using modded farm layout!
WonderfulLifeFarm by taintedwheat & JinxieWinxie
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Object Count


  • Hold or Ctrl or Shift when placing buildings to "duplicate" it.
  • E to easily select eraser brush, press again to restore last brush
  • S to easily select selector brush, press again to restore last brush
  • W to toggle highlights temporarily (If you hold W and hover mouse to dropdowns it might break. Just toggle highlights in the highlight menu to fix for now)
  • Esc discards picked up building
  • You can use arrow keys or middle mouse button to scroll the map if it doesn't fit to your screen
  • Drawing very large areas of crops / paths might result in some lag due to restriction checking, in that case just do them in little patches or disable restriction checking from options
  • To delete buildings, either drop it to non-buildable area, click on it with eraser or press either Del or fn+Backspace or Esc
  • You can enable brush overwriting mode in options
  • You can open object counter window from the options menu
  • You can find your save game file from %AppData%/StardewValley/Saves

Stardew Valley merchandise shop!:

Stardew Valley merchandise shop

Multiplayer info panel:

  • Everyone in your room has full control over everything, so plan with people you know
  • Only official layouts are supported. Changing layout will change layout for everyone in the room
  • To reset the room, just have everyone disconnect and then join again, it'll start off clean again
  • To load a saved farm, enter the ID (from URL) of it below. You need to select correct layout yourself after
  • Room maximum is 4 people. If you want to make "TWITCH PLANNING" happen with 200 people, contact me
  • Everyone gets one room. If for some reason you need to get a new room, just contact me and I'll assign you one
  • You can save anytime, it'll open new tab with the saves version in the regular planner
  • To import from saveGame: go to https://stardew.info/planner import your saveGame and then use the below box to load it here
  • If something happens to your session and the synchronization no longer works, just save, refresh and load if necessary.